My Vision for Sudbury Public Schools

In addition to continuing the excellent work of our current Committee, I hope to bring a renewed focus in the following areas:

1. Social/Emotional well-being of our preK-8 grade students

2. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in our schools 

3. Excellence and Innovation in all classrooms

The Sudbury School Committee is responsible to serve as a sounding board for Sudbury residents. Part of this work is understanding the SPS annual budget and advising on spending and saving to meet the fluid needs of the Sudbury students. It is incumbent upon the Sudbury School Committee to advise and advocate when entering discussions about budget allocation. 


Sudbury School Committee

Every year the Sudbury School Committee creates SMART Goals used to guide their work. For school year 2020-2021 the School Committee is charged with the following goals:

1. Work to assure equity across the District in two major areas, race and gender equity, and cultural proficiency

2. Update and maintain the District Policy Manual

3. Maximize Student Achievement by assessing and monitoring the academic success of SPS

4. Expand and maximize its communication with the Sudbury Public School community and broader town of Sudbury community

These goals align very well with my passion for and commitment to DIVERSITY, EQUITY, INCLUSION, SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL WELL BEING, and INNOVATION in the classroom. 

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