Questions from the Sudbury Community:

Do you believe that as a Sudbury School Committee member who is also a school administrator you will have a conflict of interest?


As a school administrator, I am an at-will employee and do not belong to a union. As such, my work does not connect or intersect with the teachers' union in Sudbury .

In my town of my employment, I serve the students and families of the town. As a Sudbury School Committee member and parent, I serve my own children and the other children, families, and taxpayers in Sudbury. 

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Given the current COVID pandemic, when do you think students should return to school?

First off, I have no doubt whatsoever that students learn best in person, and I'm hopeful that we can return to school soon. At the beginning of the year, I supported returning to school in a hybrid model. I believed then, and our students have proven since, that they can be in school safely and successfully (albeit for fewer days). When we return, it will be important to examine what we have learned from remote learning. As an administrator in the Concord Public Schools, I spend 9+ hours per day in school. I see first-hand the efforts that teachers, staff, and STUDENTS are making to maintain a safe environment. It is working and data supports that there is no school spread in Sudbury.

It is vital that we continue to seek guidance from the Sudbury Board of Health and that we stay open to change as the health landscape shifts.

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To which of your platform issues do you feel most personally connected?

All of my beliefs as a parent and school administrator feel important. I do feel very connected to my advocacy for students who fall outside the mainstream. I feel most strongly connected to my work with students with disabilities and students with special needs. Growing up with a sister who struggled (and succeeded!) with cerebral palsy and intellectual disabilities, I believe at my core that ALL students can grow, succeed, and thrive. What I learned from my sister is that growth and success, while it may look different compared to the next child, is as important, as urgent, and as attainable. This is a mindset that is incumbent upon more educators to adopt.

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