My beliefs about our Sudbury Public Schools:

I believe Sudbury Public Schools should be among the best in the state of Massachusetts.

I believe excellence in the classroom begins with attracting, hiring, and retaining top-notch teachers and school leaders.

I believe students of every color, creed, ability, and identity should feel welcome and represented in SPS.

I believe that exemplary schools demonstrate high student performance and high student support.

I believe that teachers should encourage students to take risks in the classroom; to make mistakes; and to learn from them.

I believe that our schools should all have a robust enrichment program that supports personal and academic growth outside of the core academic areas.

I believe that growth, leadership, and accomplishment look different for all students and I believe that, in most cases, growth should be celebrated as much as mastery.

I believe that school should be fun.

I believe that SPS should have a clear technology plan in place that demonstrates how our schools plan to enrich and supplement curricula with technology.

I believe that teachers and school leaders should be consistently reflecting on their practices and innovating to meet the diverse and fluid needs of all learning styles.


What do YOU believe about our Sudbury Public Schools? I want to know. Please reach out to me at or (617) 875-1961