Community Support

Scott O'Neil

Concord Road, Sudbury

I am writing to endorse Tyler Steffey for the Sudbury School Committee. Tyler possesses many of the qualities I look for in a candidate; Tyler has the passion, energy, leadership and experience to make our schools a better place.

I met Tyler through our shared passion of cycling.  Somehow, even during this pandemic, Tyler has created and led the Sudbury Cyclists group in town. His enthusiasm, energy and commitment have been inspiring and the group has continued to grow.  Tyler is committed to creating an inclusive environment for all levels of riders.  He has varied our pace, distance and route, often on the fly, to accommodate all members.  This is an example to me of his strong principles and values, and his ability to build trusted relationships.  This will translate to the work needed to create the same inclusive environment within our schools.

As the son of two lifelong public school educators, I grew up learning the direct and significant impact that a school committee can have on our children’s learning experience and environment. Tyler has the experience through his career in education to provide a perspective, bring new ideas and ask challenging questions, all with the goal of strengthening our schools and supporting the fabric of our schools: the teachers.  It’s become even more clear that after the most difficult period in our education system; we need to elect officials who bring leadership and experience to guide our schools into this next phase of transition.

I’ve been a resident here in Sudbury for the past 6 years and have experienced first hand the importance of highly competent and well versed elected officials. I have one child at Nixon School and two others who will enroll in the near future. Tyler is the type of leader that will help shape the future for our town schools, our school employees and most importantly our children!

Please join me in casting your vote in support of Tyler Steffey for the School Committee.

— Scott O’Neil, Concord Road, Sudbury


Kristen Amato

Teacher, Sudbury Private School

Tyler Steffey is a man who wears many hats. He is a loving father and husband, a devoted middle-school Assistant Principal, an active member of his community and a kind and thoughtful friend. I first met Tyler when his daughter was placed in my summer camp group in 2018. In my years of knowing Tyler, I have come to appreciate his passion for education and for children in general. He is compassionate, empathetic and committed to enacting positive change. It is because of these reasons, among many others, that I am expressing my endorsement of Tyler Steffey for School Committee.

I have been a preschool teacher for over 5 years; it may come as no surprise that education is something that I deeply value. I know that Tyler, like myself, prioritizes education. Tyler is well-versed in the many areas of public education due his over-twenty years of experience in the field. Throughout these years, Tyler has been a part of a variety of economic and cultural school communities. He has seen first-hand what works best for schools, teachers and students. In a year like this one, with hybrid learning and zoom classes posing challenges for everyone, it is important to have an experienced voice like Tyler’s helping to navigate, brainstorm and problem-solve for all parties involved. With the uncertainty of what lies ahead for our students and teachers, Tyler would be an invaluable voice. Because of his varied experience, I believe he would bring a wealth of knowledge and perspective to the Sudbury school committee.

In addition to his school experience, Tyler places value in vital areas of education such as inclusivity, social and emotional health and the importance of school being a fun and safe place for every child. He believes in getting every child’s needs met. By valuing these very important areas of learning, Tyler is illustrating his belief in supporting children to feel healthy, safe, challenged and supported. He values teachers and the amazingly hard work that they do each day. He understands that when teachers feel supported, they can better support their students. Tyler has the unique perspective of father, educator and community member and therefore, we can be sure that Tyler has everyone’s best interests in mind.

Tyler Steffey is a man who wears many hats. He is a father, husband, community member, educator and friend. He wears each hat so well, let’s add one more: school committee member. Sudbury would be so lucky to have him!


Connie Mabli

Cedar Creek Road, Sudbury

I have been a resident of Sudbury for 14 years.  I currently have two children at Curtis and three children at Haynes.  I am writing in full support of Tyler Steffey for the Sudbury School Committee.  I know Tyler as a coach, a parent, and an educator who will serve our school-age children well. 

Tyler has been a Sudbury Soccer Coach for my eight-year-old twins.  He is upbeat, constructive, and brings endless energy to the field.  My girls enjoyed every practice and game under his leadership.  They were especially thrilled when he joined in the team’s cartwheel contest.  It is this balance between team building and skill-building that Tyler will bring to the school committee.

I have known the Steffey family since our days at the LEAP preschool.  I know that Tyler brings his experience as an educator to every interaction with his own children and with mine.   He has a calm, thoughtful, and rational presence that will help guide the school committee decision-making process.

Finally, I know Tyler’s experience as an educator is vast and diverse.  He is a former Director of St. Stephen’s Youth Programs in Boston, a graduate of the School Leadership Program at Harvard Graduate School of Education, and the current Assistant Principal of the Sanborn Middle School in Concord.  It is this practical classroom and leadership experience that Tyler will rely upon to inform his decisions on the committee.  

I recommend Tyler Steffey for Sudbury School Committee without reservation. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Connie Mabli


Jeanne Maloney

Willis Road, Sudbury

Over the years, I have supported and volunteered for candidates running for the Sudbury School Committee.  Preparing our students educationally for a rapidly changing job market and society presents an evolving challenge to our schools, and it's critical to have leadership with the knowledge, experience and the vision to guide them in meeting this challenge.

Tyler Steffey's background prepares him for serving on Sudbury's School Committee.  He has both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Education.  Over the past twenty years, he has taught with Teach for America on the Texas-Mexico border, in Maldonado, Uruguay, and at a charter school in Dorchester. He has been an assistant principal in the Boston Public Schools, and is presently a middle-school assistant principal in one of our neighboring towns.  Since moving to Sudbury, Tyler has attended SPS meetings and has researched the curriculum and budget.

Through six years of teaching and nine years as a K-8 school leader, Tyler has deep experience in working with students from many backgrounds with a diversity of learning needs.  His curriculum work has given him an understanding of how data and assessment can be used to improve educational outcomes.  As an administrator, Tyler has planned efficient and effective professional development workshops that build consensus and teamwork. His budget experience includes strategic planning in deciding where educational dollars are spent and what should be prioritized.

Tyler's vision for the Sudbury Public Schools is excellence in the classroom, measured not only by test scores, but also student community involvement, social-emotional growth and leadership skills. A vision where teachers work to create an environment that supports creative risk taking where students explore their passions and potential. His vision is a school system where all students feel welcomed and represented.

I close with a quote from Dr. Seuss.  "The more that you read, the more things you will know.  The more that you learn, the more places you will go."  In this uncertain world, we can't know where our children might go, but we need to have good school leadership to ensure they learn what they need to get there.  Tyler will provide that leadership.


Jake Flecke

Minebrook Road, Sudbury

Sudbury business owner

I have known Tyler Steffey for the last couple of years after completing a handful of projects around his house. What stands out the most about Tyler is his consistently positive attitude and beaming smile. He has been a pleasure to work with both as a client and neighbor. When talking to him about his current role in the Concord Public Schools, you can tell his outstanding admiration and care for the students in his school. Tyler truly loves taking care of the students at the school as well as his two children. He is a wonderful family man and would attribute a vast amount of knowledge and hard work to the Sudbury school system. He is passionate and extremely goal oriented. I would highly recommend voting for him on March, 29 2021 as a member of the Sudbury School Committee.